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Products evolved from R&D

Our research and development initiatives drive product innovation by unlocking creative solutions with advancing technological capabilities. We specialize in pushing the boundaries of technology to create unique market solutions. Check out some of our innovative products here.


Unlock the power of AI, but customizing Large Language Models (LLMs) for your unique business needs while ensuring the privacy and security. Improve customer service and empower operations with a  knowledge management system.

Custom ChatGPT


Event Reservation System

Take control of your events with a custom reservation system that engages your fans, eliminates middlemen (like TicketMaster), and prevents price gouging on resale markets. To learn more, click on the link below.

OMNI ChanNel Integrations

Do you want to integrate into a channel, like WeChat so you can reach the Chinese Market? Look no further, as Pipemind can connect you to an array of channels and is licensed and experienced in running campaigns and stunts on WeChat.

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RegulateME moderates content to meet localized requirements and sensibilities, such as nudity and violence, allowing you to market to various regions with different sets of rules, regulations, and cultural norms.



A dental imaging and diagnosis tool, that captured images using a range of tools from smartphones to advanced machines. Its intelligent identifier swiftly identifies and categorizes key dental features and potential issues, streamlining the diagnostic process, reducing time and ensuring standardized, high-quality documentation. Tested in Shanghai dental clinics, Nuraden boosts workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy, offering dentists an innovative solution to enhance productivity and patient care.



Pipemind Creator offers chatbot and NLP solutions that integrate with multiple AI engines to identify intent, emotion, keywords, and actionable insights. Our platform bridges the gap between disparate AI processes, ensuring a smooth user experience. Join us to revolutionize your conversational experiences.

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Consultation alignment

Get a free 30-minute consultation with Pipemind to discover how our products and services can help you reach your business goals.



Award-winning with a depth of skills and experience.

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